Make your content free across all devices!

Edito is all about simplicity, let's get to know it:


Edito is a Content as a Service (CaaS) platform, no matter what is the context of your content ( e.g. News, Article, Blog post or even Product ) Edito will serve it for you. Rethink how you can Manage, Publish and Consume your content via one semantic HUB.

Headless CMS

Edito is a headless CMS in the sense that you are free to publish and expose your content through our API to the frontend of your choice using the framework that you love.
Edito Headless CMS

Static websites

Edito works seamlessly with Static Site generators like Gatsby.


Edito is a cloud base Software as a Service (SaaS) in the meaning that you exactly pay for what you use, and not for an expensive license cost ( e.g. the traditional CMSs) which only 10 per cent is useful.


You need a hand to shape the end user looks of your content? Not a problem we have a marketplace of gorgeous themes or even custom design facility to cover up your needs.

Built on Deep Learning

Edito has an AI component called Anahid which learns from your content to put you in a better direction on creating content and recommending contents.